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Parenting: On Letting Kids Do Things

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Yesterday, I watched my kid's heart got broken. Over a balloon.
You know how kids are with balloons. Allie was beyond thrilled, smiling from ear to ear, when Rayman bought her one yesterday. When we reached home, she immediately wanted to play with it outside so I tied the balloon in her wrist. You know how easy it is for a kid to accidentally let the balloon fly. I knew it because I as a kid have done it and it broke my heart to see it as it goes up, up and away. So to avoid that, I tied it to her wrist but she wasn't happy about it. First, I insisted on having my way but then I decided to let it have it her way. She did well for a few minutes.
Then Allie told me she wanted to go to the playground. I told her to leave the balloon at home but she doesn't want to. I just gave her a warning about her balloon thinking what I said will make her not want to bring it but it didn't stop her. We went to the playground and she was careful with the balloon. But Allie saw her friend and her friend wanted to borrow it and Allie let her, bless her generous heart. When she was getting it back, her friend let go of it before she can hold it and you know what happened.
I tried to catch it but I can't reach it anymore and when she saw it flying away, the first thing she did was come to me crying "Mommy, I'm sorry." My initial reaction was to scold her but she was so devastated, it broke my heart too so I hugged her. She was crying all the way home.
It's so hard to be a parent. I know it's just a balloon but it's never just a balloon for a kid. And I am thinking of this experience in a whole new level.
As a parent, it is instinct to protect your child. In this case, I wanted to save her from getting her heart-broken over a balloon. I could have insisted on not letting her bring it or on getting it tied on her wrist but then I also wanted her to learn her lesson.
I wanted her to realize it herself that there's a reason why mom wants her to do this and not do that. I knew very well that she was bound to lose that balloon but in a way I let it happen. I feel guilty because she was so heart-broken but then, she has to learn things on her own. And sometimes, to learn them the hard way.
As parents, we can only do so much to protect our kids. Our kids have a mind of their own so we also have to let them figure things out for themselves. We can't prevent them from wanting to experience things. Yes, I could have imposed my will on her but I also want to teach her that what I said has weight or a point, that I'm not making my 'rules' just to be a killjoy. She has to learn how to trust mommy's advice.
It broke my heart seeing how upset she was over the balloon. She blames herself for what happened which made me think, even if I think I did it right, if I was harsh to my kid. I would like to belive that I did the right thing. I can't let her not live her life just because I want to prevent her from all the heartaches (I am talking about this and of other bigger things that she will experience in the future.). She has to make her own decisions and I could only hope that I'm able to guide her in making the right ones.
And at the end of the day, I hope she realizes that even if she screws up, Mommy will always be there with open arms ready to comfort her and that no matter how many mistakes she makes, she will always have Mommy (and Daddy, of course).


Five Years

Today marks our fifth anniversary. No special celebration. We're just staying at home. But I guess it doesn't matter. We're together and that's what's important.

I can't think of something sweet/mushy to say. Haha! I guess I was never the type who write feelings using metaphors and similes. Or maybe I just lack creativity, extensive vocabulary or writing talent (or all of them). Haha! I've always been more of a straight-to-the-point, no flowery words type of writer.

So I guess what I am really trying to say is I love you, Chin and Happy Anniversary!

I don't know if this can be considered as a scrapbook page but since I used scrapbook elements, I decided to categorize it as such. I love the fonts -- Scriptina and Impact Label.

Meet Ups

April 5, Saturday was a fun day with new friends and family. In the morning, I met with fellow Postcrossing members and with Kaye, Zephy and Johanne in the evening.

More details about the Postcrossing Philippines meet up are in my other blog.

On the other hand, my sister and I, together with Allie, Johanne and Zephy, met in SM Mall of Asia (MOA).  We were supposed to watch the lights and sounds show in Manila Ocean Park but because we met later than expected, we didn't proceed with the plan and stayed in MOA instead.

Of course, dates with my sister wouldn't be complete without eating out or trying new restaurant. At first we chose IHOP but when we saw how expensive food in there costs, we decided to try Mongolian Rice Bowl instead which turned to be a very big mistake!

Initially, I thought it was a good idea. We are suckers for buffet and it seems fun to make your own rice bowls but we were wrong.  We ended up with bloated tummies! Worst, we didn't like the food. You have no control on how your food is gonna taste because they just cook whatever you placed in your bowl so it was a recipe for disaster. Although there was a guide on how much seasoning you are supposed to put in your bowl but still there's a big chance it wouldn't taste good because you were not able to taste it.

We really had a hard time eating the 2nd bowls of food that we took. I knew I should have eaten one bowl only! I almost want to give up on my 2nd bowl but because there shouldn't be leftovers or else you'll pay double that's why I ate all of it.  I am never trying this Mongolian buffet anymore! The only thing that I love in this buffet are the desserts. They have good desserts to be fair.

After dinner that took a little while to finish, we just went to the amusement park and let the kids enjoy some rides.

All in all, it was a fun day.  My only complaint is that I had an upset stomach after that dinner. We should have chosen Racks or Fish & Co. Or we could have settled to the expensive food of IHOP. Never again willI try that buffet.

Allie's 'Graduation'

Last Wednesday, Allie 'graduated'.  Last June we enrolled her in the day care center and we're glad she finished it.  We just tried sending her to school just so she'll learn to socialize and be ready for formal schooling. We're not even sure she'll like school that's why we enrolled her in daycare for 'practice.'

Sharing with you some of the graduation photos. I realize just now that Chin and Allie doesn't have a picture during the graduation. I asked him to accompany Allie in getting the diploma but he doesn't want to and left the duties to me.

This is Allie with her classmates before the ceremony. My little girl loves to pose, doesn't she?

That's her favorite pose right now.

Allie and her classmates performed a dance number. I'm so proud of my girl.
She doesn't have stage fright unlike Mommy.

When you're a parent, it doesn't matter if your kid doesn't have an award or not. What's important is she did her best.

This is Allie and I after I hang her medal. She is 8th honors in the class.

The ceremony was too long for kids their age. I don't know why they have to do it with the other daycare centers in their cluster when they can do it individually (per daycare center). Allie's daycare center was next to the last so we have to wait to long to receive the certificate.
Allie received her certificate which has incomplete and misspelled name.
Arrghhh!  I hate it that her name is incorrect in the invitation, medal and the certificate.

She loves that pose.

You know those photographers who take your pictures on events that asks you to pose for pictures and later on they charge you for their photos.  I said I'm not going to buy their pictures anymore but upon seeing Allie's photos, I gave in. These are her photos.

Andrelee's Wedding

I went home to Cavite last March 21 because it was Lola's birthday plus, I was invited to attend Andrelee's wedding on March 22.

I am so happy for her - so happy that when she was walking down the aisle, I wanted to cry. I think that's how I've always been when I see friends getting married.

It's my first time to attend a military wedding but I think it's almost the same as the traditional wedding. There are just a few military traditions included.

The wedding is also some sort of a reunion with high school classmates. Too bad only few of us attended.  Present were Carole who left after the wedding ceremony, Mau, Teresa, Minnette and her husband Jay.

I haven't seen these people in a long time that's why I'm really happy to attend. The last time I saw Andrelee was April 2000, I think; Tere, December 2002/2003?; Minette, March 2004, Mau, May 2009.  See, it's been a while! I really enjoyed the wedding. We also had fun reminiscing some of our fond high school memories.

Postcrossing: Cards 2-4, One Direct Swap

Postcards arrived. Hooray!

So I was getting impatient waiting for my postcards so I decided to pay a visit to the post office to know if I have some.  Luckily, I received a few and here they are!

Postcard # 2

This one is from Asturias, Spain sent to me by Daniel. According to him, this is the Sanctuary of Covadonga in Asturias. He describes it as a "remarkable spout in the mountains in which a battle took place in the 8th Century."

Postcard # 3

The postcard is from Thomas from Nuremberg, Germany. I tried to translate the German terms in the postcards. At the back, it says: "Medieval Nurnberg" and "Traditional city on the Pegnitz"

Here in the front it says: "Romantic Nuremberg"

Tiergartnertor Square with Kaisenburg
Wine Store
Heilig-Geist-Spital - "was the largest municipal institution for care of the sick and the elderly in the imperial city (Wikipedia).
Imperial Castle
Main Market with Frauenkirche
Main Market with St. Sebald

Postcard # 3

This is postcard from Bohus (from Slovakia) who said this is the village where he spent his childhood. Wow! It seems like a lovely place. I'd probably enjoy living here.

Direct Swap # 1

I tried direct swapping and this is the first one that I received through Direct Swap. This is from Celine from France.

I don't think I have to say what's in the picture.  I wish I can see this place someday.

Late Post: Who Says the Food Trip Stops?

When COS resigned, I thought it would help in lessening my food intake. Our former COS loves to eat and we take turns giving treats. These dinner/lunch treats used to be almost every week so I believe it's one of the reason why I gained weight.  So when he resigned, I thought there would be no more pigging out in the office.

Well, I was wrong.

It turned out that our new COS also loves to eat.

On our boss' birthday, we even have a birthday celebration for her even if we know she was in Catbalogan. Then, a week after that (I think) we even went to Mang Inasal for lunch.

So much for my wish to reduce food intake. I will never be able to do it, I guess.


Postcrossing Update: First Postcard!

I got my first postcard today and I was so happy to receive it! I was already getting frustrated because I've already sent seven postcards and I haven't gotten any.  I was thinking there must be something wrong with the postal services here.  Maybe they lost my postcard. I was getting pessimistic because it has been more than a month since I joined and no postcard has arrived. So when Chin called me saying I have a postcard waiting for me at home, I got excited.

Here is the postcard that I got.  Ika chose this for me because I said I like postcards with butterflies. If you notice the date in it, it took 15 days to reach me. Gee! Anyway, I am not gonna complain. I am just glad that it reached me.

If there's one thing that I realized about this new hobby, different people have different interests and it's best to pick cards after you've read their profile so you can choose something that they will like.  It's just sad that the postcard options here are limited but I am not giving up. I will try to find beautiful postcards for my fellow Postcrossing members. I hope they'll also print pictures of Filipino food and traditional clothing. I think that would be nice. Endemic animals will also be a good postcard subject and so are Filipino paintings and other art forms.

Random Photos: February 2014

Just like last month, I am posting random pictures taken last month that didn't make to my blog.

1. Mich and I's late lunch food (Feb 22)

2. my club sandwich, date with my college roommates (Feb 1)

3. my edible Valentine flowers from Rayman

4. the cake I bought Rayman for Valentine's day

5. Allie looking like an Indian girl in her outfit

6. unsoy

7. tomatoes with unsoy and sibuyas Tagalog

8. Allie isn't afraid of dogs anymore. Yehey!

9. Why oh why, my beloved Alma Mater? Why is my father's name with Sr. when I know I never wrote it that way? Never!
Now I have to go back to LB to have the replacement copy and to return the incorrect one.

10. Allie's doll from Tita Mich

11. Found this Orientation Program manual in the office and got it. I'll read about bill drafting, parliamentary law, legislative process and budget process to learn.

12. Allie using nebulizer. She has cough that wouldn't go away. I hope will cure her.

13. Papa's turkey

14. and 15. We had lunch at a carinderia.  This was taken on the day of Mama's flight.

16. Allie in a carousel in SM.  We killed some time in SM before they brought Mama to the airport.  They dropped Allie and me in Coastal Mall where we took a bus to Philcoa.

17. and 18.  Allie loves her new doll from Tita Mich.

Girlfriend Date: Dapitan Arcade

Every once in a while, my friend Mich and I meet up so we can have girl bonding and destressing.  Last February 22, we had a date in Dapitan Arcade. I have never been there and I heard good things about it so I was curious about it and wanted to go there.

I actually have no plans of buying stuff because I was in a tight budget because of the floor tiles that we bought last month but I enjoyed seeing different stuff there.  There were woven baskets, pots, ceramic items, jewelry boxes, plates, glasses, mugs, figurines, kitchen utensils, iron works, toys and different decorative items. I'd probably go there with Rayman in the future.

Anyway, the only thing that I bought was a chicken toy for Allie. (see 2nd photo at the bottom) I remember seeing this toy when I was a kid but I never had one.  When I saw it I liked it so I decided to buy it.

After our trip to Dapitan Arcade and we headed to Gateway Mall. We had late lunch in the food court (see 3rd photo at the bottom) and talked for hours.  We didn't realize that it was already time to go home until I look at the clock. You don't notice time passes by when you're enjoying your company. I think it was already 7:30 when we left Gateway.